This includes carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, and more, aiming to swiftly address property issues and reduce disruptions.


Our contracts are held on various properties, including business parks, offices, care homes, and retail spaces. Our qualified landscapers offer both maintenance and guidance, while experienced supervisors provide comprehensive monthly reports that enhance aesthetics and ecology.

Electrical and
Power Services

Including routine maintenance, callouts, and installations. With expertise in hazardous areas, office buildings, universities, and healthcare facilities.


Covering works to include fencing, pot-hole repairs, concreting, and road/car park design. We ensure timely, budget-friendly completion while never compromising safety.


We can efficiently execute contracts and projects through all our service offerings across a multitude of sectors like commercial, industrial, retail, and public spaces, regardless of their size.


This covers anything from asbestos to pest control. Our team of dedicated professionals will take care of all service requirements throughout the life of the job or contract, including all communications, along with providing comprehensive reports upon completion.


This simplifies day-to-day estate management by proactively preserving and overseeing your assets, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality services. With our PPM schedule in place, we seamlessly integrate your service instructions, leaving our dedicated teams to handle the rest effortlessly.


In 1979, from two-family homes on the Hoo Peninsula and Gravesend in Kent, CC Cousins was established, evolving into a family-run enterprise rooted in strong values. Co-owned by two brothers and the original founders, our growth and diversification have not swayed us from maintaining our identity as a forward-thinking company that cherishes traditional family values. We offer a comprehensive range of in-house facilities maintenance solutions catering to a spectrum of clients, from small businesses to multinational corporations and local authorities. CC Cousins excels at addressing and resolving a diverse array of issues, maintaining an unwavering commitment to quality, service, safety, and work standards.

New fashioned service based on old fashioned values

I am a firm believer in providing excellent service, and over time, this service has continued to evolve and adapt due to technological advancements. Technological progress plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of service, yet I am of the opinion that it should not entirely replace the human touch in service delivery. There was a time when a simple phone call would connect you with a helpful person who would provide assistance. However, for the majority, nowadays, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have taken over, offering a multitude of options that often leave you guessing about how to reach the right person.

I believe in old-fashioned values; a service can be what it once was, but enhanced with today’s technology to provide a better and more responsive response than in the past. The services CC Cousins delivers are the old-fashioned approach presented in a new-fashioned way, incorporating technology into our operations to provide the best service we can, along with still answering those phone calls and having those conversations.


rooftop honey makers

Bee Hives have become a valuable addition to property diversification. With 3 hives installed, housing a total of 36,000 bees, these hives not only contribute to pollinating local plants and wildlife around impressive buildings but also yield exquisite honey for property tenants. On average, each hive produces about 100 jars of honey annually.

Promoting awareness is equally important. Workshops have been conducted across the sites, where tenants are informed about the hives’ benefits and functioning. This hands-on approach allows everyone to witness the collective efforts of these remarkable hives in action, resulting in something extraordinary.

Amidst our diverse portfolio, innovation, and progress can sometimes pose challenges due to locality, layout, or design. At CC Cousins, we consistently strive to overcome these challenges, crafting exceptional spaces on our client sites. By leveraging resources like our Ecology Reporting and Enhancement Plans, we have provided beneficial suggestions to sites. These insightful reports are at no cost, and following their recommendations, actions can be taken to enhance sites, including the introduction of additional components such as compost bins, new plantings, bird boxes, and bug hotels.

past values practised in the present


CC Cousins offers a variety of comprehensive services throughout the facilities maintenance sector, providing our clients with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all their property requirements.

Community Support

At CC Cousins, we are steadfast in our belief that actively supporting our local community is of paramount importance. We view this support as an essential element of our company’s ethos, woven into our fabric through various avenues such as engaging in charity events, extending invitations for students to gain work experience, and creating opportunities for apprenticeships. Our commitment goes beyond rhetoric; it is demonstrated through our partnerships with diverse charities like My Shining Star and Think Forward, among others. Additionally, we take pride in our sponsorship of local clubs like the Chatham Football U13s Girl’s team. By engaging with and uplifting our local community, we not only make a tangible impact but also foster a sense of shared community, we not only make a tangible impact but also foster a sense of shared responsibility and unity that strengthens the very fabric of our society.


Bees have been introduced across 3 hives on properties around London.


Jars of honey are produced per annum.

110 Tonnes

We have recycled 110 Tonnes/ 111765.16KG of green waste for land regeneration over the last 12 months.


Our paper consumption is down 56% on average since 2019, this equates to 169,500 pieces of paper per annum.