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Fully Managed Services

From two family homes in 1979 on the Hoo Peninsula and Gravesend in Kent, CC Cousins as we know it now, was born, a family-run business with family values. Proudly co-owned by two brothers and the original company founders, we have continued to expand and diversify while never changing the principles of who we are, a modern forward-thinking company with old-fashioned family values.

Drawing on a wealth of experience

The tale of CC Cousins, as we recognise it today, traces back to its founding companies, with the earliest dating back to 1979. Two brothers have been steering the ship of the business since its inception. Our managing directors initially operated their own distinct enterprises. One primarily focused on electrical work under the banner of Cousins Construction Electrical Services, whilst the other adeptly managed a road surfacing business in central London.

Cousins Construction emerged through the collaborative efforts of the two brothers, amalgamating their unique skills and business ventures into a singular entity. A transformative rebranding in 2006 marked the birth of CC Cousins LTD as we know it today. Throughout these changes, the company’s core essence has remained strong. Today, CC Cousins stands as a dynamic organisation specialising in facilities maintenance, offering a comprehensive range of services spanning various sectors. These enduring core values and steadfast commitment have served as the company’s foundation, remaining constant throughout its journey of evolution, rebranding, and expansion.

Creating a culture to be proud of

Our ethos

Embracing the past of service delivery, while championing the future of emerging technology.

Our values

  1. Commitment - to our people, our clients, our supply chain and our community.
  2. Conscientious - across all sectors within our business model from initial response, health and safety, communication to completion.
  3. Efficient - in our proactive planning and reactive approach to providing an excellent service.

With a fusion of our values, we consistently deliver an unparalleled level of service that not only represents an unbeatable price-performance ratio but allows us to push the boundaries of our industry.

Leadership Team

Together, our leadership team’s collective experience and dedication forge the path for CC Cousins’ continued success. With a foundation rooted in expertise, innovation, and client-centricity, we are poised to excel in every endeavour we undertake.

At the age of 16, Mark’s journey began as a messenger boy after leaving school. He then progressed to become a postman in the City of London. Fuelled by a strong drive to earn, he navigated a diverse array of roles, encompassing drylining, artexing, false ceilings, and partitioning. Subsequently, he transitioned to tarmacadam work, securing contracts by subcontracting within the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea for road repairs. In the year 2000, Mark teamed up with his brother Keith as Cousins Construction LTD came into existence. Later, in 2006, they undertook a rebranding effort, resulting in the birth of CC Cousins LTD.

Mark Alflatt

Managing Director

In 1965, at 15, Keith left school to become an apprentice electrician. He later worked at The Metal Box Company and Telefusion, excelling as a TV aerial systems installer. With the advent of colour TV, he launched his aerial installation venture. Alongside, he and his brother diversified into office installations. Amidst self-employment and intermittent taxiing, Keith founded Cousins Construction Electrical Services in 1979. Joining forces with his brother, they merged trades to establish CC-Cousins LTD from their earlier Cousins Construction LTD.

Keith Alflatt

Managing Director

Paul became part of the company’s inception when it was established as Cousins Construction Electrical Services, joining at the age of 15 for work experience, and then he returned to start as an electrical apprentice at 16. He completed his electrical apprenticeship, attaining a full qualification as an electrician. Progressing into management in 1999, he further ascended to the role of director in 2002.

Paul Crookes


Before joining CC Cousins as a Contracts Manager for our Electrical Services team in 2010, Jack began as an electrical apprentice, progressing to a qualified electrician. Advancing further, he reached the position of Associate Director and then Director by 2016. Jack’s primary focus is client relations but also oversees a substantial part of our frontline operations.

Jack Parker


David’s professional journey commenced in the field of commercial window cleaning before transitioning into property-related endeavours, encompassing building refurbishments and personal property development, alongside landscaping projects. In 2017, David became a part of CC Cousins, initially as a surveyor, leveraging his extensive expertise. Subsequently, he assumed the position of Landscaping Manager. In 2020, CC Cousins underwent a business reconfiguration, leading to his elevation as Director, where he oversees our landscaping, civil groundworks, and the estimators’ team.

David Saunders